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O n July 18, 2013 Governor Rick Perry signed in to law the "2013 Texas Abortion Law".  In addition to establishing a 20 week limit on abortions this law also requires that all abortion be performed in licensed Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) by September 2014.

Licensed ASCs are held to a much higher standard than are abortion clinics. In this regard the new law can be viewed as a benefit to patients in that the quality of patient care delivered will be held to a much higher standard.

From a practical perspective the challenge will be to maintain capacity within Texas to meet current patient demand. Currently only five of the state's 42 abortion clinics meet the licensure requirements for ASCs (TDH Chapter 243).  The strict architectural and financial requirement for ASCs, as defined by state and federal guidelines, will force an estimated 88% of the current abortion facilities to close.  This will substantially inhibit pro-choice options for the women of Texas.

Texas Women's Reproductive Health Initiative, Inc. was incorporated in Texas as a Non-Profit Corporation (501(c)(3) application is pending)  specifically to develop and operate Texas licensed ASC's in order to maintain access and capacity for Texas women to receive quality pro-choice and reproductive healthcare options. 

Collectively the founding board members of TWRHI have over 30 years of experience developing, licensing, and operating Ambulatory Surgical Centers. It is the board's opinion that the higher standard of care requirements in ASCs will significantly benefit patient care.  

TWRHI, structured as a 501(c)(3), will raise the capital required to develop these ASC's from individual and corporate donations. Once opened, each center will generate enough revenue to self-fund operations and to offer charitable services as needed on a case by case basis.

Initially TWRHI will be developing centers in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.  A second round of development will focus on providing services in Texas's less populated areas.

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IRS 501(c)3 Application

 Donate By Mail

See a copy of the pending 501(c)3 application filed Sept 1, 2013 and currently pending. 


IRS Confirmation - Receipt of Application 

 Donate By Mail

IRS Confirmed they received our Form 1023 Application September 26, 2013


IRS Application Status Update - APPROVED!!!

According to the IRS TWRHI's application for Tax Exempt Status was APPROVED on July 18, 2014.  A copy of the determination letter will be posted here as a link once it is received. 

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Charles Cohen, CASC

Mr. Cohen has over 20 years of experience in the ambulatory surgical center industry.  He has held executive and C-Level positions with a number of companies specializing in the operations and development of out-patient facilities.  Mr. Cohen has expertise in the development, licensure, accreditation, and operations of Texas Ambulatory Surgical Centers. 

Richard Chudacoff, MD FACOG 

Dr. Chudacoff is a Board Certified OBGYN and a fellow of the American Fellow of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He has been in practice for over 22 years with a focus in minimally invasive out-patient surgery and contraceptive technologies.   He was an early leader and proctor in daVinci robotic surgical techniques and the ExAblate MR guided focused ultrasound  treatment of uterine fibroid.